Featuring the diverse crew of the Space Dog Media Enterprise

What are your rates?

Please tell us about your project to get a free quote.

Why can't I just tell you here? Oh gosh, I wasn't ready for this. They didn't tell me what to say. Uh...

Video production is not one-size-fits-all, and since the needs of every company is different, the costs and packaging options will vary... Okay??

- Panic Turkey

I only have a foggy idea of what I want, can I still reach out to you?

Yes! We will schedule a free consultation with you to help you home in on what type of video will benefit your company the most. Reach out to us at any stage in your project's development.

Well, don't wait until the very end, though, because then we won't have anything left to do. Except clap for you, I guess. Which I am willing to do. If you're into that. 

- Gwenda

Where are you located?

Previously based out of Burbank, California, we are now located in the beautiful Multnomah County, just east of Portland, Oregon. Come pay us a visit if you're in town, hon. We'll make it worth your while!

- Celine

Do you still take work in Los Angeles? What about San Diego? Seattle?

Yes! But rocket fuel is expensive, so a reasonable travel fee is applied for companies from distant planets who wish to book us for a shoot on-location.

- Trev

Do you do events, weddings, live streaming, or any other video related service not listed on your home page?

Yes, we can help with pretty much any video thing you can think of - but if we can't, we probably know someone who can. What do I look like, a guru? I'm a bird in a toaster! Get in touch and ask us!

- Kel the Toaster Bird

I need only shooting or only editing - can I hire you for just one or the other?

Yes, we have à la carte services for shooting, editing, lighting, and post production.

Mmm... À la carte...

- Norton

Why are you called Space Dog Media?

Our mascot, Space Dog, represents the curiosity and explorative attitude that we carry with us into every video project, big and small. Also, c'mon, he's pretty cute, right?

- Mike

From Patrick: "Space Dog was the very first vector based character that I designed, after a lifetime of telling myself that graphic design using vectors was something I just couldn't do. Since then, Space Dog's face (and his comb-shaped body and his squiggly tail) have become a reminder to me that if I just take a chance on myself, I am capable of so much more than I think. I think we all need that reminder sometimes."

What is important to you?

From Patrick: "I grew up in a family of writers, but ironically I always struggled to express myself. Speaking to people is hard for me: I trip over my words, I use colloquials incorrectly, I say things I don't mean to say, I forget my point before I reach the end of my... what was I talking about again?

Most of the conflict that happens in our day to day life, at least in my experience, is the result of poor communication. Making videos became an alternative way for me to share ideas, in a more effective way than I could by just talking about them. Even better that with video, my ideas could be turned into works of art that people can enjoy; even people outside the first intended audience. Sharing that ability with others is incredibly satisfying - especially if by doing so I can give a voice to other people who occasionally feel speech jammed, like I do.

To take it more literally, what is most important to me, without doubt, are my incredible wife Kristine, my indefatigable dog Keith, and the many adventures we all take together."

Did that answer your question?

- Sam

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