Become a camera-ready communicator

Interview training workshops tailored for speakers who want to shine

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Interview training with the Hansen Leadership Institute at University of San Diego

Become a camera-ready communicator

Our interview training workshops are tailored for speakers who want to shine.

Improved public speaking skills

Our workshops are designed to help you become a more confident and effective public speaker, so you can deliver your message with clarity and conviction.

Greater confidence

Our experienced instructors will help you overcome your fears and doubts, so you can approach any situation with confidence and composure.

Enhanced professional development

Participating in an on-camera interview training workshop can be a valuable addition to your professional development portfolio, and can help you stand out in a competitive job market.

Networking opportunities

Our workshops provide a great opportunity to connect with other professionals and build valuable relationships that can help you succeed in your field.

Improved ability to handle pressure

Our workshops will teach you how to stay calm and focused under pressure, so you can perform at your best in high-stakes situations.

Enhanced public speaking skills

Our workshops are designed to help you develop the skills you need to become a more effective and engaging public speaker.

Improved media skills

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Increased self-awareness

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Simulated Setting with a Professional Crew

Join the Space Dog Media team for 3 hours of interview training with professional journalists and filmmakers, and the opportunity to network with other participants.

Whether you're preparing for your first time in the hot seat or you've felt the heat before, you're coming to the right place.

Get Honest Feedback

We'll help you find your best angles and sniff out areas to improve so you can be the star of your next on-camera interview.

Don't worry: we're delicate with our critiques, but we won't let you leave without learning about something new you can work on.

Keep Your Results

We send you home with high resolution digital copies of your interviews so you can dissect them on your own time, and even use them to promote yourself or to promote your business.

You will also receive a coupon for a heavy discount on our video editing service so you can dress up your interview without breaking the bank.

Designed for:

Graduating Students

As you get ready to enter the workforce, make sure that you have the skills to talk at length about what makes you passionate and why.

Learn to identify what makes you unique and how to sell that to potential employers and investors.

Business Owners

If you've had to talk about your company on camera before, you know it can be sweat-inducing.

Start preparing for your next media appearance before the news trucks show up!

Scientists & Engineers

Unfortunately, the best information is not always the best communicated information.

Use our workshop to make sure that your important message is the one that sticks.

Artists & Content Creators

Your work deserves a spokesperson that can clearly communicate the value it brings to your community.

Come learn how to command attention and articulate the most important aspects of your work.

So anxiety-provoking, but very fun.

So anxiety-provoking, but very fun.

Workshop Participant

A game-changer

I love the fact that we got to experience this entire setting... It's different to [practice interviews] in person than to do it online, because here we actually get to see the equipment, there was much more interaction, and I had a lot of fun.

Workshop Participant

Many times you do get intimidated by [all this equipment], but now that I have gotten this experience I know how to keep my calm, regardless of everything that's happening around me.

Workshop Participant

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